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reformed city girl living the suburban dream. back from a year-long blogging hiatus. apologies in advance. []
Dec 7 '12

and i’m back .. i think

so, it’s been a month since the election. read: i’ve had my life back for exactly 31 days and it’s taken me about 30 days to catch up on sleep, attempt to get back on track with the gym and healthy eating, unpack and set up the rest of my room, and overall, just try to be a regular human.

campaign life was INSANE in every sense of the word. i cried and i laughed. i wanted to punch people in the face, i wanted to hug and kiss others. i either ate pizza for 2 of 3 meals a day or ate nothing at all. coffee was my best friend .. along with the 8 other amazing field organizers in cleveland. working on the president’s campaign IN THE MOST IMPORTANT COUNTY IN THE MOST IMPORTANT STATE IN THE (MOST IMPORTANT) COUNTRY was both humbling and empowering and something i will never forget. that’s probably why i got a tattoo to commemorate it, right? right.

and now i’m (f)unemployed. sleeping in and working out and catching up on my shows has been great but i’m starting to get restless. if you follow me on instagram/twitter, you’ve seen that i have become quite the susie homemaker .. cooking, baking, and crafting up a storm. still though, i can only make so many wreaths. oh and that little thing called “income”? it’d be nice to have some of that again. i saved a solid amount living at home before the move and ohio life is pretty freaking cheap compared to DC but i don’t necessarily want to blow through my savings just yet. in other words, the job hunt is totally on.

at least i still have my gig as suburban housewife girlfriend to the giant a.k.a. jake. although his place is 45 mins south of me, living in the same state as him has done wonders for us. he was my rock during the campaign .. never complained about my ridiculous hours, always had ben & jerry’s on hand and sometimes had to give me the “stop crying and man up” talk. oh, and he housed and fed me after sandy hit since my apartment lost power for a whole 6 days! now that i have free time, i’m finally seeing what it’s like to be in a “normal” relationship with him and i really like the direction we are (finally) heading in. 

and that’s all i’ve got. i hope i can stay on top of this blog and write and share real things instead of just double-posting pictures from instagram for 3 months. seriously, who does that?! me. in the meantime, except a lot of late likes and comments on your blogs .. i am sooo behind on your lives, not to mention all of the trends i’m sure you’ve started. hope everyone is happy and healthy and ready for santa!!

  1. girlfromhkinny said: Welcome back, I missed you!
  2. kkincle said: I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad friend and haven’t taken you out since you’ve moved ! So happy to hear that you are loving it here and we need to meet up soon!
  3. ohheyitsdk said: glad you’re back! :)
  4. thatgirlisstacked said: glad to see you back :)!
  5. undercalicoskies said: yay! thank you for working to re-elect our president :)
  6. ramblings-of-em said: WELCOME BACK!
  7. vinomeg said: we’ve missed you! welcome back :)