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reformed city girl living the suburban dream. back from a year-long blogging hiatus. apologies in advance. []
Feb 8 '13


what an ugly word.

in my 27.5 years, i’ve been dealt some pretty good cards .. ones that included playing on championship teams, having tons of friends, admission to all 6 colleges i applied to and even a full ride to my #1 choice, being both of my parents’ favorite (read: spoiled) child and getting an offer from every job i’ve interviewed for. i was that girl, remember? mom says i’ve lived a charmed life and i can’t really argue with her but that all changed yesterday.

i had emailed HR last week and called again this week. 2 whole weeks and no answer! i was pretty pissed and over working with such unprofessional and inconsiderate people but as soon as my roomie got home and said i had a letter from them, i jumped at the thought of an offer. the excitement was short lived and luckily, we had plans to go to the gym so i didn’t have time to cry and sulk. i did, however, have time to overanalyze my life while on the treadmill and even though i’m still upset - and jobless - i’m glad i finally got a “no”. i’ve had it pretty good and maybe i’ve gotten too comfortable and too confident. maybe i needed that swift kick to the butt to remind me that charmed or not, my life is what i make it. work hard, play hard. you get what you give. do better. and all that other stuff.

oh, and don’t cry on a second interview.

  1. girlfromhkinny said: I’m sorry to hear that! Better things are on the way.
  2. happyhumanscribblings said: it will only make the next job offer that much sweeter
  3. revaballerina said: rejection sucks, but at least you got it out of the way now. onto bigger and better things!!
  4. petermcallisterthefaaather said: wow you HAVE had a charmed life! haha. I’ve been rejected from so many job interviews it’s hard to keep track. Job searching is the actual worst, but you’ll find something soon!!
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