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reformed city girl living the suburban dream. back from a year-long blogging hiatus. apologies in advance. []
Apr 4 '13

oh hey

i’ve been extremely wrapped up in myself as of late so i figured it was time for a mini update:

- i’m trading in my vegetarian card for a pescetarian/paleo card. it wasn’t that i missed meat, it was that my body was taking longer to recover from workouts, namely long runs, and since i like my body, i’m going to listen to it. send recipes/blog suggestions please.
- funemployment month #5 (HOLY SHIT) is upon us. there are more job openings that are both appealing to me and appropriate to my background nowadays so i’m back on the hunt. someone fucking hire me.
- i made a last minute trip home for easter. read: mom bought my broke ass a flight back to DC. i drank a lot of wine and boggled my family’s minds with my “no meat porfavor” requests but i got to meet my baby niece, holly, and i think i may want a mini me after all.
- jake and i went to NJ two weekends ago for a college friend’s wedding. open bar coupled with 2 nights of consecutive raging in hoboken resulted in me almost fainting on the PATH train into the city, followed by vomming twice on the plane ride back home. is there a mile high club for that?
- speaking of jake, he is the best boyfriend ever for keeping me alive that fateful sunday AND for driving us two hours to columbus tonight for opening night of the fleetwood mac tour!!

brb gotta shower and get my stevie nicks on.

  1. heelsandhardhat said: woo hoo paleo is awesome! there are TONS of good blogs on tumblr. just click thru paleo hashtags
  2. fatgirlinohio said: What kind of jobs are you looking for? I grew up in Cleveland and might know some people. Also, re: paleo try It Starts With Food (Whole9 website), Paleomg, nom nom paleo.
  3. asilverpipess said: Enjoy Stevie! So jealous!
  4. accidentalextrovert said: The book Practical Paleo is my bible, and has some pretty great recipes. Also love Nom Nom Paleo and occasionally PaleOMG for blogs. I also modify the shit out of regular recipes all the time.
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