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Apr 26 '13

cool things that happened this week

and by “cool” i mean UN-FUCKING-REAL.

  • last saturday i parked at the valet across from the lounge i’ve been working at part-time. they were nice enough to bring my keys down to the bar when they were closing around 3:30 am so, i had my shift drink, waited for my tips, etc.. everything was just dandy until i walked out 30 minutes later and my car was nowhere to be found. the next morning, i cabbed back downtown (compliments of the valet company duh) and was happy to see that my car wasn’t stolen but still, WTF.
  • after retrieving my car, i went down to jake’s since i was off for a few days. we had our usual wine/chipotle/pizza/ice cream binges so, by wednesday i had a casserole recipe picked out so my hungry man could eat the rest of the week while i was away. i grabbed some coffee and headed to the grocery store, where an elderly gentleman proceeded to hit me (as opposed to my car) while backing out of his handicap spot. he wasn’t going very fast so it was more of an awkward bump but like, how do you not see a human?
  • worked at the lounge last night and was in charge of a 50 person party, as well as the VIP section where the owners were sitting. all my people were super cool and i was having a great night until i decided to go the extra mile and polish a wine glass for one of the owners’ girlfriend. apparently i was polishing a little too hard and the stem broke off and got me pretty bad. urgent care was already closed and there was a long line at the ER at the sketchy hospital nearby so i got bandaged up and finished my shift like a trooper.

4 stitches and a tetanus shot later, i look HAWT like this. thanks for the well wishes .. and here’s to an injury-free weekend for all!!

  1. girlwearsmascara said: i laughed out loud reading the second bullet. i am glad your hand is okay!
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